Orbital return with Wonky

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  • Zola Jesus and Lady Leshurr guest on the English duo's first album in eight years.
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  • Orbital will release a new album in April called Wonky. It's been 22 years since Orbital released their first single, Chime, and nearly eight since their most recent LP, Blue Album, which came out just as they disbanded. Wonky will be the duo's first new body of work since they got back together in 2009. According to bandmember Paul Hartnoll, the duo are still going for the emotionally-loaded feel of their past records. "When I'm writing music, if it doesn't move you emotionally, it's not working," he says. "It has to give me butterflies. I have to make myself cry in the studio." Guest appearances come from American indie artist Zola Jesus UK rapper Lady Leshurr. You can download the track "Never" for free on Orbital's official website. Tracklist 01. One Big Moment 02. Straight Sun 03. Never 04. New France feat. Zola Jesus 05. Distractions 06. Stringy Acid 07. Beeledub 08. Wonky feat. Lady Leshurr 09. Where Is It Going? Orbital's Wonky is due out on April 1st, 2012, on a label that's yet to be confirmed.