Burnt Friedman preps Bokoboko

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  • The German experimental veteran's next LP is a study in organic sound.
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  • Burnt Friedman will release a new album next month called Bokoboko on his own label, Nonplace Records. Friedman has been active in Germany's electronic music scene since the early '90s, especially on the more experimental side of things. He got his start in an ambient outfit called Drome, then went on to participate in a wide range of projects, including collaborations with Uwe Schmidt (Flanger) and former Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit. Over the last decade he's become increasingly interested in organic sounds, dabbling in jazz, rock and something akin to music concrete. Bokoboko continues on this path, with Friedman employing a range of unconventional instruments that includes "prepared oil barrels/steel drums, all kinds of wood and metal percussion, gongs, monochord, a home-made rubber-band guitar, organ, synthesizer, and electric guitar." All ten tracks are instrumental. According to a press release, the title is a Japanese word that roughly translates to "uneven" or "hollow-sounding" Tracklist 01. Rimuse 2 02. Uzu 03. Deku No Bo 04. Sendou 05. Totan Yane 06. Tom Tom Keppo 07. Mura 08. Bokoboko 09. Rimuse 3 10. Memai Nonplace Records will release Bokoboko on February 3rd, 2012.