Nina Kraviz unveils debut album

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  • Rekids will release the Russian DJ and producer's self-titled full-length in February.
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  • Nina Kraviz is ready to release her debut album on Rekids. Slated for release in February, the self-titled LP comes two years after Kraviz's first 12-inch on Jus-Ed's Uderground Quality imprint. The Russian DJ and producer (and one-time Breaking Through artist) has been highly in-demand ever since, with EPs on BPitch Control, Efdemin's Naïf imprint and finally Rekids, the label that's hosted her past few EPs and invited her to play at Panorama Bar in Berlin. The upcoming album features all previously unreleased songs, except for "Ghetto Kraviz," the title track from her most recent EP. Keen-eared listeners might also recognize a few bits from her 2009 mix for Underground Quality's Club Tape Club Mix. Chatting over Skype earlier this week, Kraviz gave us some personal insight on her debut LP:
    When and where did you record the album? I started to record my album around two years ago. It wasn't like with bands, when you have your contract and you are just in the studio and record every day—that was not the case with me. For me it was more like compiling my songs into an album, but at the same time when I had stronger songs I knew wanted them in the album, and I had some transition songs, you know? Some of the songs from the album were recorded just five months ago, but basically it was finished half a year ago. Do you have a studio in your apartment? Yes, I have my studio at my apartment in Moscow. I have a lot of synths, a Yamaha, Korg, a mini moog... my studio is really simple. Nothing super special, but all of the instruments I use are quite precious to me. I love being in my Moscow studio when I have a chance. Over the summer I was traveling four days a week and that was really tough. Sometimes I would record in hotels just to capture a moment, some texture or emotion. What's it like being a house artist in Moscow? Moscow is my city and of course I love it, but it can be difficult as an artist here. The scene is very competitive, people can be jealous. I was just fired from my night [at Propaganda]—they replaced me with someone else. So yes, sometimes I feel all my efforts here aren't appreciated. Do you think you'll ever move? Yes, I'm thinking about it. Maybe to Berlin, maybe Paris, or something very small, maybe Innsbruck in Austria because it is ten minutes from the mountains and close to the airport. Some of the songs on your album seem inspired by relationships. Do experiences like that often influence your productions? Yes, all of my productions are very intimate, very personal. The whole album is about me, my suffering, my life. It's always based on emotion and has something to do with real life. That is the most important thing. Who is the Ben in "4 Ben"? [laughs] I don't know if I should say. It is a very special Ben, that is for sure. A very special Ben. What's next? I want to set up my live act, and of course to continue DJing. I love DJing. I can't tell if I'm a DJ first and a producer second or vice versa, but in any case I have a lovely job, and I can't wait to continue.
    Tracklist 01. Walking In The Night feat. Hard Ton 02. Aus feat. King Aus 03. Ghetto Kraviz 04. Taxi Talk 05. False Attraction 06. Working 07. Choices 08. Love Or Go 09. Best Friend 10. 4 Ben 11. Turn On The Radio 12. Petr 13. The Needle 14. Fire Rekids will release Nina Kraviz on February 27th, 2012.