Giles Smith and Efdemin headline Altberliner Karneval

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  • The party at Loftus Hall will be a throwback to Berlin's "Frühschoppen" afterhours parties.
  • Giles Smith and Efdemin headline Altberliner Karneval image
  • This Friday, Deep Fried will take a break from their usual home at ://about blank for a party at Loftus Hall called Altberliner Karneval. As its name suggests, the party has an element of nostalgia to it. In the early '00s, the crew behind Deep Fried threw afterhours parties called Frühschoppen (or "brunch") at modest pubs around the city, typically booking local favorites like Boris, Matt John, Cassy and Magda. Loftus Hall, the club that sprung up after Kleine Reise closed last summer, is an ideal spot for this kind of throwback party: as the former clubroom of Neukölln's local football team, it has precisely the un-chic German decor a Frühschoppen revival would require. Headlining the event are Giles Smith of Secretsundaze and Efdemin, both of whom will deliver special old school-flavored sets. Richard Zepezauer and Schoppen Wittes (AKA Frühschoppen Team) provide support, and American MC Elbee Bad will be on the mic. The party starts at the exact moment that German Carnival season commences: 11:11 PM on 11/11/11.