ReviveHER books Tim Sweeney in a snooker club

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  • John Heckle, Jamies Priestley and Auntie Flo will join the Beats in Space host at Efes Snooker Club in London on Friday.
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  • Beast In Space host Tim Sweeney will headline the next edition of ReviveHER on Friday. The party will take place at Efes Snooker Hall, a Turkish bar in Dalston that became an unlikely hotspot thanks to its late license. The bar's decor is usually authentic snooker club fare, but for this one ReviveHER have somehow converted it into what they describe as a "fairytale playground rave" complete with smoke machines and flashing balloons. Sweeney shares the bill with Secretsundaze co-founder James Priestley and Auntie Flo of Huntleys & Palmers, plus raw house producer John Heckle, the latest addition to Chicago's Mathematics Recordings, who will play live. ReviveHER regular Nicholas Feel and resident Bi-Bop provide support. Last minute tickets to ReviveHER with Tim Sweeney are available here on RA.
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