Regis compiles Vicious Rhythmic Electronics

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  • A collection of the Sandwell District member's early work will come out later this year.
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  • Karl O'Connor, better known as Regis, has put together an expansive collection of his early work called Vicious Rhythmic Electronics. "I'm not trying to celebrate my glorious past, as it was anything but glorious," O'Conner says of the new release. Nonetheless, Vicious Rhythmic Electronics traces O'Conner's development from a young industrial artist in early '90s Birmingham to the techno producer he is today, beginning with 4-track demos he recorded under the name Sandra Plays Electronics and culminating with songs that appeared on his albums Gymnastics, Regis and Penetration. A handful of the tracks are previously unreleased, while others appear in an alternate version or have been available only on vinyl until now. According to O'Connor, the three-disc collection will be packaged by a 16th century German bookbinder that normally does work for the church. It will be released through Downwards. A specific release date has not been set. Tracklist CD1: 1994-1996 01. Speak to Me 02. Model Friendship 03. Ital 04. Lapal 05. Point of Entry 06. Surface 07. Keep Planning 08. We Said No 09. Allies 10. Translation 11. Careless Pedestrian 12. Sand 13. Cold Water 14. The Black Freighter 15. He/1 16. He/2 CD2: 1997-1998 01. A Necklace of Bites 02. Disease Through Affection 03. Adolescence 04. Executive Handshake 05. Body Unknown 06. Barriers 07. Concentrate 08. Escape From Yourself 09. From Now On 10. Indifference 11. Wound Us 12. Guiltless 13. The Right Side of Reason Pt.1 14. The Right Side of Reason Pt.2 CD3: 1999-2001 01. Solution (voice) 02. Rites 03. Execution Ground 04. Solution (Music) 05. Rise 06. Baptism 07. Purification 08. Broken on the Wheel 09. Get on Your Knees 10. Slave to the Inevitable 11. It's a Man's World 12. Thirst 13. White Stains 14. Penetration 15. Aftertaste of Guilt 16. Her Surrender 17. White Stains Pt.2 Downwards will release Vicious Rhythmic Electronics in late 2011.