Faitiche preps Ursula Bogner compilation

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  • The release features a collection of previously unheard tracks, plus a 126-page book with text by Jan Jelinek and others.
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  • Next month, Jan Jelinek's label Faitiche will release a collection of Ursula Bogner material called Sonne = Blackbox. Jelinek first unveiled Bogner's work a few years ago with Recordings 1968 - 1988, the first release on Faitiche. He presented the album as a collection of material by a hitherto unknown electronic artist born in 1946, a story he fleshed out in text accompanying the album. As he tells it, Bogner was a German mother, pharmacist and visual artist who occasionally toyed around with electronic production, and whose work never would have been discovered had he not had a chance meeting with her son, who he sat next to on a plane. Whether or not this story is true has never been confirmed—reviews on Resident Advisor and Pitchfork both entertain the idea that Bogner and her music are Jelinek's creation. True or not, the story continues with Sonne = Blackbox, allegedly a compilation of Bogner's more emotional early works. It comes with a 126-page book of photos and drawings from Bogner's life, complete with an introduction by Jelinek and other texts by the artists Momus, Tim Tetzner, Andrew Pekler and Bettina Klein. The book also addresses "suspicions of fakery" surrounding Bogner and her music. Tracklist 01. Sonne = Blackbox (1972) 02. Jubiläum (1984) 03. Nach Europa (1977) 04. Trabant (1970) 05. Or Dor Melanor (1981) 06. Uranotypie (1978) 07. Strahlungen (1974) 08. Der Chor Der Oktaven (1974) 09. Illusorische Planeten (1974) 10. Permutationen (1982) 11. Shepard Monde (1971) 12. Signalfluss (1980) 13. Homöostat (1985) 14. Refrain Für Einen Formanten (1972) 15. De Planetarum Influxu (1976) Faitiche will release Sonne = Blackbox on October 14th, 2011.