Gold Panda mixes DJ-Kicks

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  • The UK beatsmith tries his hand at the the decks on !K7's latest mix CD.
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  • Gold Panda has mixed the next edition of DJ-Kicks, due out at the end of October. Derwin Panda (as he calls himself) is a producer by trade, not a DJ, and the upcoming compilation will be the first mix he puts his name on. "I'd never consider myself a DJ, but through doing this I've really become more appreciative of it," he says. "I've so much more respect for people that do DJ now." Despite his being new to the craft, the Essex-based artist managed to throw together a 22-track collection that jumps from deep house and techno to UK bass and back again. The mix also includes a new Gold Panda production, entitled "MPB." It will be his first official release since Lucky Shiner, an album he produced while dog-sitting for his grandparents that launched him to wide acclaim last year. Tracklist 01. Gold Panda - An Iceberg Hurtled Northward Through Clouds 02. Melchior & Pronsato - Puerto Rican Girls 03. Bok Bok - Charisma Theme 04. Drexciya - Andreaen Sand Dunes 05. Muslimgauze - Uzi Mahmood 8 06. Pawel - Coke 07. Ramadanman - Revenue (Untold Remix) 08. SND - Palo Alto 09. Zomby - Godzilla 10. Closer Musik - Maria 11. Gold Panda - Back Home 12. Christopher Rau - Do Little 13. Jan Jelinek - If's, And's And But's 14. Nao Tokui - Monolith 15. Sigha - Shake 16. Opiate - Amstel 17. 2562 - Dinosaur 18. Matthewdavid - Like You Mean It 19. Brainiac - The Turnover 20. LV & Untold - Beacon 21. Autistici - Heated Dust On A Sunlit Window 22. Giuseppe Ielasi - 2 !K7 will release Gold Panda's DJ-Kicks on October 31st, 2011.