Culprit gets Above the City

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  • A new collection wraps up the summer on the Standard Hotel Rooftop with tracks from Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss and Anthony Collins among others.
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  • Culprit have put together a digital compilation called Above the City, due for release next month. Run by the DJ team Droog, Culprit is the label behind one of the most picturesque parties running: Culprit Sessions, a Sunday evening soiree that takes place high above LA on The Standard Hotel Rooftop. Above the City will mark the end of this year's series with tracks from artists close to the label and the party, from local acts like Nikko Giblerand Clovis to international guests like Anthony Collins and Visionquest members Seth Troxler and Lee Curtiss. The digital download will be Culprit's first compilation. All of the tracks included are previously unreleased. Tracklist 01. Clovis - The Jean Seberg Special 02. Nico Lahs - Lost in My Soul 03. Mark Chambers & Soho - You Don't Know 04. Anthony Collins - Inside 05. Nikko Gibler - Hide From No One 06. Lula Circus - She Loves Me 07. Death on the Balcony - Nothing Stays the Same 08. Lee Curtiss & Seth Troxler - Spending Time Culprit will release Above the City on October 3rd, 2011.