Portable heads Into Infinity for Perlon

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  • Efdemin and Lakuti guest on Alan Abrahams' next LP.
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  • Alan Abrahams, AKA Portable, has a new album in the works for Perlon called Into Infinity. Both musically and geographically, Abrahams has always stayed on the go. He grew up in Capetown but is now based in Berlin after stints in Portugal and the UK. Since he debuted nearly a decade ago, his music has come out on Spectral Sound, ~scape and Süd Electronic, a label he founded that has since evolved into a London party series run by Lerato Khati, AKA Lakuti. Into Infinity is his first album on Perlon. If the trailer below is anything to go by, it seems defined by left-field flamboyance and his own deep-throated vocals, much like his single for the label from last year, This Life of Illusion. Guest appearances come from Lakuti, Efdemin and Johannes Schön.
    Tracklist 01. Making Holes 02. Zero One 03. Beauty Pagent 04. Find Me 05. One Way feat. Efdemin 06. A Deeper Love feat. Lakuti 07. Island of Thought 08. Onward feat. Johannes Schön 09. Albedo Yachts 10. Fade Away Perlon will release Into Infinity on September 26th, 2011.