Space Dimension Controller launches Basic Rhythm

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    Fri, 29 Jul 2011, 09:00
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  • The label's first EP will come from Italian producer Ad Bourke.
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  • Jack Hamill, better known as Space Dimension Controller, is set to launch a new record label called Basic Rhythm. The Northern Irish producer has been talking about the label since early 2011, but details on the first 12-inch are just now coming to light. Though the specific release date is still up in the air, Basic Rhythm will launch with an EP by Ad Bourke, an Italian producer who attended the Red Bull Music Academy with Hamill last year in London. Entitled Tidal Motion, the record is precisely the kind of thing you'd expect Space Dimension Controller to get behind: lush, disco-flavored house with a slightly retro feel. We caught up with Hamill last week to get the rest of the scoop on Basic Rhythm.
    Basic Rhythm is the night you launched in hometown Belfast at the start of the year—and subsequent name of the new label. Is it simply the next step or something you have been planning for a while? And will there be much crossover between the two? I wouldn't really call it the next step, it's just something I've always had an interest in doing before I even thought of putting on a club night. I started the club night because of all the people I've met over the past year from playing shows and other things. There will be crossover in the sense of there being label nights around the place which will hopefully start happening after the first few releases. The club night doesn't happen very often at the moment as I'm so busy myself, but once I get my next release out on R&S I'll be able to spend some time on organising proper label night thangs. Do you have an overarching vision for the label in terms of the kind of music or artists you wish to foster with it? And will this serve as a platform for your own productions as much as for other producers? There is no set type of music I want on the label, I'll just release anything I like. The first three releases are pretty varied, ranging from house to hip-hop, IDM to weird tapey lo-fi stuff and all that funky shit in between. As of now I'm not planning on releasing any of my own music on the label apart from one track which I made with AD Bourke and B. Bravo at the Red Bull Music Academy last year. Though I was in Rome at the weekend in Adam's studio and we've started on a track that I think could turn into something nice, so i'm going to work on that myself and we'll send it back and forth until it's a guaranz. Why have you chosen Ad Bourke to launch the label? What makes Tidal Motion a Basic Rhythm release? Myself and Adam are mega compatible in terms of the '80s funk we're both into. The sounds coming out of the studio we were in on the first night of RBMA were easily the squiggliest in the building. His Mirage EP on Citinite last year was on more of a hip-hop sort of vibe than this one. I feel he has perfectly bridged the gap between the '80s funk we like and the squiggly deep house I'm into. It's also got the really snappy glitch vibe that reminds me of Jackson & His Computer Band which I was really into when I first started listening to electronic music. Have you got the next few releases lined up? What can we expect from the label in the not-so-distant future? The second release is going to be by a friend of mine who makes tunes under the name Ken & Ryu. He's appeared on a couple of releases by Boxcutter. Then after that I've got an EP by a young guy called John Martyn who is from Ohio. I'm looking to release the collaborative track me, AD and B. Bravo made at RBMA after that with a remix by Boxcutter on the flip. It'll be on a limited 7-inch with full artwork. Right now they are the most concrete releases. I have an idea for a strictly TR-808 based double 12-inch electro compilation too and I've already got a few producers interested in making tracks for it so that should be pretty sweet.
    You can hear samples of Tidal Motion right now on Space Dimension Controller's SoundCloud page. Tracklist A1 En Trance A2 Aquarius Rising B1 Cecaelia B2 32 Basic Rhythm will release Tidal Motion in 2011.