y0t0 wanders the Uriarra Road

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  • Fluid Audio will release Charles Sage's debut full length from his solo Year Of the Ox project.
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  • Uriarra Road by Charles Sage's as y0t0—or Year Of The Ox—is due out on July 30th. The first full-length effort from Charles Sage without his Hessien collaborator Tim Martin is a concept album inspired by the 1988 Australian thriller In the Winter Dark. Comprised from a palette of field recordings, guitars, electronica and drone Uriarra Road charts the decline of an outback town "drunk on nostalgia" in the wake of a fleeing industrial base, states the press release. The record is dappled with audio-interpretations from a number of other artists, including Gothenburg-based Jasper TX, electro-acoustic composer Field Rotation from Germany and Manchester electronic-techno duo Ghosting Season, also known as Worriedaboutsatan. Previous EPs from y0t0 followed equally abstract pathways, combining reconstructions of dialogue from a documentary about "noir prophet" William Gibson with crude instrumentation. The release for Fluid Audio stays true to the label's fostering of "nakedly emotional" ambient music, as exposed in March's label of the month feature, and comes complete with artwork in a highly limited run typical of the boutique and aesthetically-driven label. Tracklist 01. Black Ice 02. Uriarra Road - Spheruleus 03. They Mostly Come At Night. Mostly. 04. Uriarra Road - Field Rotation 05. Ida's Dream 06. Uriarra Road - Jasper TX 07. Children Overboard 08. Uriarra Road - Seaworthy 09. The Circumstances In Which They Come 10. Uriarra Road - Relmic Statute 11. Requiem For Ida's Dream 12. Uriarra Road - Ghosting Season 13. 2:55am 14. Uriarra Crossing/ Mirror Condensation (Downliners Sekt) Fluid Audio will release Uriarra Road on July 30th, 2011.
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