Apparat takes The Devil's Walk

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  • Mute will release Sascha Ring's next LP in September.
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  • This September, Apparat will release a new full-length called The Devil's Walk. The album will be Apparat's first solo full-length since 2007's Walls. Since then, the Berlin-based artist has spent most of his time working with Modeselektor as Moderat, putting out an acclaimed LP in 2009 and touring the world with a visually-enhanced live show. The album first took shape last year during an extended stay in Mexico: working in a studio in the town of Sayulita, Apparat wrote much of it with the help of Fredo Noguerira and Telefon Tel Aviv member Joshua Eustis. Upon returning to Europe, he finished the album with Patrick Christensen, of the Shitkatapult group Warren Suicide. The Devil's Walk will be Apparat's debut on the seminal electronic label Mute Records. Two of the tracks have already been released as free downloads: "Black Water" and "Ash/Black Veil." Tracklist 01. Sweet Unrest 02. Song of Los 03. Black Water 04. Goodbye 05. Candil De La Calle 06. The Soft Voices Die 07. Escape 08. Ash/Black Veil 09. A Bang in the Void 10. Your House Is My World Mute Records will release The Devil's Walk on September 27th, 2011.