James Taylor leaves Swayzak

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  • After 14 years together, the UK duo have amicably split.
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  • According to a statement sent out this afternoon, James Taylor has left Swayzak, the DJ and production duo he founded 14 years ago with David Brown. "It's been a fantastic time doing Swayzak since 1997, I have nothing but good souvenirs," says Taylor. "Thanks to everybody who helped us along the way, moreover thanks to David." The split is described as "entirely amicable" and a "natural progression." Taylor will now focus his energy on his role as an Ableton Live trainer and his solo work, producing ambient music as Lugano Fell and occasionally playing live under his real name. Brown and Taylor will play a series of final shows together, after which Brown will carry on the Swayzak name and take control of the duo's label, 240 Volts. Brown and Taylor founded Swayzak after meeting on the job at Island Records. They produced dozens of 12-inches and just under ten albums together, most notably 1998's Snowboarding in Argentina. Speaking with RA earlier this year, Taylor made clear that he would not continue to make music unless he felt truly inspired: "I think with the music, particularly dance music, it's become such a machine where people release stuff just to be seen, to get gigs and da-da-da. I don't want to really be a part of it like that and I think it's really important to only really release stuff when you've got something to say. Sometimes it's good not to say anything. It's better to shut up than to say something that you would regret. You realize that, OK, you don't have to make noise all the time. Sometimes you say more by saying nothing." Details on Swayzak's final gigs as a duo will be confirmed soon.