Azari & Ill unveil debut album

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  • The Canadian duo's long-awaited album is due for release in August.
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  • Canadian outfit Azari & III will release their debut album this August on Loose Lips Records. With the help of a few different guest vocalists, Christian Farley and Alphonse Lanza have pushed a mixture of house, electro and pop for just over two years. They've put out a handful of 12-inches through a variety of labels, but none more far reaching than Reckless With Your Love, which went on to be remixed by Tensnake and and became one of 2010's most pervasive tracks. Word of their debut album first surfaced about a year ago, though none of the details were in until now. "The album has been ready for quite some time," Farley recently told RA. The recording process was a "slow amalgamation" rather than a concentrated series of sessions. "Basically it was just one song, then the next, and the next... There was definitely no pressure involved in getting an album ready for a label or anything like that. And it's not like we got into some mansion in LA with a bunch of amazing gear and stayed there for two months just making an album. It was a long, slow, drawn out process." Which isn't to say it wasn't inspired. "We went in there, balls out, ready to try anything. We had a vision, came up with this word 'Manhooker'" says Farley, referring to their 2009 track that gets a new vocal version on the album, with lyrics by "a really intense character from Paris" named Matilde. "I think we just wanted to make art. We weren't really trying to make anything except a beautiful piece of sound." Azari & III are currently devising a live performance, featuring the core duo along with Fritz and Hans Helder, the former of whom has done studio work for the group in the past. "When me and Fritz started working together, it was like 'He's black, I'm white, I’m straight, he's gay, I'm tall he's short.' One day I knew he'd be on that stage with me and we would take it to another level." Tracklist 01. Into the Night 02. Reckless (With Your Love) 03. Tunnel Vision 04. Indigo 05. Lost In Time 06. Infiniti 07. Change of Heart 08. Manhooker 09. Undecided 10. Hungry for Power 11. Manic Loose Lips Records will release Azari & III's self-titled album on August 1st, 2011.