Margaret Dygas preps mini-album for Perlon

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  • The self-titled 45-minute release is out on CD and vinyl in May.
  • Margaret Dygas preps mini-album for Perlon image
  • Berlin-based artist Margaret Dygas has a mini-album in the works for Perlon. For years Dygas was primarily a DJ, with a long running residency at Panorama Bar in Berlin, but as of late she's notched up her rate of production as well, with a slew of modern house 12-inches and most recently an album: How Do You Do?, released last September through Powershovel Audio. Details on her new one are scarce–all we can say for sure is that it's self-titled, contains six previously unreleased tracks and clocks in at 46 minutes in length. A CD version will be available as well as a double 12-inch. Per usual, both come packaged in text-based artwork from Perlon's go-to designer, Double Standard. Tracklist 01. Missing You Less 02. Soon 03. Pressed for Time 04. Country Way of Life 05. 41 06. Ocbinh's Groove Perlon will release Margaret Dygas on May 30th, 2011.