Henrik Schwarz and Bugge Wesseltoft prep debut LP

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  • The first recorded material from the duo is due out in June.
  • Henrik Schwarz and Bugge Wesseltoft prep debut LP image
  • Bugge Wesseltoft & Henrik Schwarz have completed their debut album, simply entitled Duo. The two artists are a likely match. Wesseltoft started out as a jazz pianist on ECM, then moved on to collaborating with electronic luminaries like Laurent Garnier and Francois K. Schwarz, meanwhile, is an electronic artist whose love of jazz has long informed his productions and live performances. The pair have been playing together since 2009, with Wesseltoft on piano and Schwarz on laptop, but have never released any of their music until now. Much like their live act, Duo is firmly rooted in improvisation. "We are creating music on the spot, both live and in the studio," Wesseltoft says. "With today's electronic tools you can really improvise, and Henrik is so clever with his stuff–he makes amazing music from scratch." The album features live recordings as well as studio productions, plus new interpretations of old songs by each artist (Wesseltoft's "Dreaming" and Schwarz's "Leave My Head Alone Brain"). "For me this Duo is like the first words in a long conversation," says Schwarz. "The improvisational aspect means freedom, and at the same time improvisation has been one of the greatest limitations and challenges in live electronic music for many years now. For me, this is a dream come true and a big next step." Tracklist 01. First Track (live from Berlin) 02. Dreaming 03. Leave My Head Alone Brain 04. Dudelange (live from Luxemburg) 05. See You Tomorrow 06. Kammermusik 07. Where Is The Edge? 08. One One (live from Cologne) Universal Music will release Duo in June 2011.