Fabric launch energy drink

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    Fri, 1 Apr 2011, 09:00
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  • On & On will be sold in stores and at the club beginning later this year.
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  • Fabric have unveiled plans for On & On, a new energy drink made specifically for clubbers. According to Cameron Leslie, one of Fabric's co-founders, branding a new energy drink has long been one of the club's ambitions. "We've been kicking around the idea for a while, but with the recession and whatnot it just wasn't a financial possibility until this year," he says. "With the popularity of energy drinks and the length of time punters like to stay at it these days, I think it's a fairly natural progression. I also like the idea of providing a healthy, legal way to keep yourself going." In terms of ingredients, On & On shares a lot in common with energy drinks like Red Bull and Rockstar: taurine, caffeine, ginseng and other herbs, plus generous doses of Vitamin B12 (known to prevent hangovers). But unlike those big name drinks, its sugar content is very low, which should diminish any "crash" or "come-down" feeling after its effects have worn off. This was an idea borrowed from Club Mate, a fizzy ice tea that helps fuel marathon sessions at German clubs like Berghain and Bar 25. Longtime fabric resident Terry Francis says he couldn't be happier about On & On. "I already have loads of it in my studio fridge. When my partner Klunk and I have long sessions, there's nothing better: just throw in some vodka, sip it all night and you're sorted." Francis also thinks having the drink in the booth at fabric will be a boon to the club's performers. "Anyone who's seen Ricardo recently can probably tell you, sometimes these guys need something to keep their heads straight." On & On will be sold at all of fabric's bars starting this summer, and will hit shops around the UK this fall.