Bruno Pronsato says Lovers Do

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  • The Berlin-based artist will release his third album this May.
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  • Bruno Pronsato's next LP is called Lovers Do, and will come out this May through his own label, thesongsays. Pronsato's been up to a lot of different things since the release of his last album, Why Can't We Be Like Us?. Aside from launching thesongsays, he started the duo Public Lover with his girlfriend Ninca Leece, continued producing and playing live with Half Hawaii (his duo with Sammy Dee), put out a 12-inch with Thomas Melchior and made it into Pitchfork's top tracks of the year with "Since We Last Met," a single by Ndf (his duo with Sergio Giorgini of Benoit & Sergio). Lovers Do predates almost all of these projects. Pronsato started the album nearly two years ago, and has worked on it steadily ever since. Its style will be familiar to fans of his past work–deep, organic techno with an experimental edge–though this one sounds looser and a bit more subtle than the rest. The track "Feel Right," which came out in January on the 12-inch Anybody But You, features vocals from a chorus of DJs and other producers, including Margaret Dygas, Pheek, Vera and Marc Schneider. Ninca Leece makes small vocal appearances throughout the album. The record will come out as a CD and double LP, with cover art by Hello? Repeat co-founder Daze Maxim. Tracklist 01. Lovers Don't 02. Anybody But You 03. Trio-Out 04. An Anne Around the Neck 05. An Indication of the Cause (Part 1) 06. Feel Right 07. Winter Music for Summer 08. Lovers Do 09. An Indication of the Cause (Part 2) thesongsays will release Lovers Do on May 27th, 2011.