Johan Agebjörn heads to The Mountain Lake

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    Wed, Jan 19, 2011, 12:59
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  • The Swedish producer will release an ambient album next month.
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  • Johan Agebjoern will release an ambient album next month called The Mountain Lake. The Swedish producer is best known for his work with Sally Shapiro, the electronic pop artist for whom he's produced up-tempo, Italo-style beats since 2006. Like much of his previous solo work, The Mountain Lake is more about cosmic, reflective ambient tracks, which he says were inspired by "science fiction movies, Buddhism and the Swedish landscape." Agebjoern's disco flair still comes across despite the album's somber tone, as indicated by the opening track, an ambient cover of "Spacer Woman From Mars" with Shapiro on vocals. The album also includes his remix of "The Chameleon" by Italians Do It Better group Glass Candy. Agebjoern will release another album called Casablanca Nights in May. Though most of the details are still unconfirmed, he says it will blend his usual disco pop sound with elements of classical music, "like a radical interpretation of an Erik Satie piece." Tracklist 01. Johan Agebjoern feat. Sally Shapiro - Spacer Woman From Mars (Ambient Mix) 02. Johan Agebjoern - Amylium Casparium feat. NeonCoil 03. Johan Agebjoern - Underworld Mumble 1 04. Johan Agebjoern - The Stones Are Blasted 05. Johan Agebjoern - Spiral Staircase 06. Johan Agebjoern - Underworld Mumble 2 07. Johan Agebjoern - Swimming Through the Blue Lagoon (Original Casio MT-52 Instrumental) 08. Johan Agebjoern - Zero Gravitation 09. Johan Agebjoern feat. Sylwia van der Wonderland - Take Me Home 10. Glass Candy - The Chameleon (Johan Agebjoern Remix) 11. Johan Agebjoern - Last Tram To Comet Square 12. Johan Agebjoern - Love Ray feat. with Lisa Barra 13. Johan Agebjoern - Siberian Train (Steve Moore Remix) Lotuspike will release The Mountain Lake on February 8th, 2011.