Ghostly International put SMM in Context

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    Thu, 13 Jan 2011, 09:00
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  • The upcoming collection shows the Ann Arbor imprint's ambient side.
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  • Ghostly International will release a compilation this March called SMM: Context. Though their exact meaning has never been made clear, Ghostly often use the letters SMM to denote the more experimental end of their palette, which is exactly what they've done here. Context runs the gamut from drone to ambient to contemporary classical, all the while keeping up a very cinematic feel. Aside from Rafael Anton Irisarri, better known as The Sight Below, the release steers clear of the Ann Arbor imprint's usual suspects. Instead, it focuses on avant-garde acts like Jacaszek, a Polish eletro-acoustic artist who takes inspiration from the architecture of monasteries, and Svarte Greiner, a Norwegian producer whose last album told the story of a Baroque painter and his telepathic friendship with a flightless bird. SMM: Context will be available on double-vinyl as well as digitally and on CD. Tracklist 01. Goldmund - Motion 02. Leyland Kirby - Polaroid 03. Svarte Greiner - Halves 04. Christina Vantzou - 11 Generations Of My Fathers 05. Jacaszek - Elegia 06. The Fun Years - Cornelia Amygdaloid 07. Manual - Three Parts 08. Aidan Baker - Substantiated 09. Rafael Anton Irisarri - Moments Descend On My Windowpane 10. Kyle Bobby Dunn - Runge's Last Stand 11. Peter Broderick - Pause Ghostly International will release SMM: Context on March 1st, 2010.