Refused and Revinylized launches with San Soda

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    Fri, 10 Dec 2010, 09:00
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  • The cheeky new label supports music that's been turned down or "fallen victim to the digital only disease."
  • Refused and Revinylized launches with San Soda image
  • A new imprint called Refused and Revinylizd will launch this month, with Belgian artists San Soda and Metrobox both featured on the first 12-inch. More than your average record label, Refused and Revinylized is driven by a cause; namely, to offer refuge to tracks other labels have tossed aside. A mission statement on the sleeve of their first record puts it like this: "This series is a vinyl-only forum for those tracks that have been mistakenly refused by labels or have fallen victim to the dreaded digital only disease. Leave it up to us to decide what kind of house we want to play on vinyl." The first record features an unnamed track by an anonymous UK producer, remixed by We Play House regulars San Soda and Gratts. On the B-side, Antwerp-based up-and-comer Metrobox delivers a track the label describes as "so good and deep it makes you want to diss the German minimal label that refused it." Tracklist A Unknown - We Do Not Agree But Get Along With Them (San Soda & Gratts Collect-Ief De Ruyter Remix) B Metrobox - Every Time Refused and Revinylized will release Volume 1 in February 2011.