Isolee unveils Well Spent Youth

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    Thu, 25 Nov 2010, 10:44
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  • Raijko Mueller's new album is due out in January via DJ Koze's Pampa Records.
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  • Isolee's next album is called Well Spent Youth, and will come out on January 21st via DJ Koze's Pampa Records. Real name Raijko Mueller, Isolee is one of the most acclaimed producers of the past decade, thanks to his lush but minimalist style of house music. His early singles on Playhouse helped lay the foundation for microhouse in the '00s, especially 1998's Beau Mot Plage. Seven years later he released We Are Monster, an album that cemented his reputation as one of electronic music's richest talents and remains something of a classic today. Since then his output has slowed, with just a few EPs and compilation appearances in the past few years, though this fall he released a new 12-inch on Dial, The Fantastic Researches Of Yushin Maru. Well Spent Youth features 11 new tracks by Mueller, making it his biggest release since We Are Monsters. It also marks the first album on DJ Koze's Pampa Records. Tracklist 01. Paloma Triste 02. Thirteen Times an Hour 03. Taktell 04. Journey's End 05. Going Nowhere 06. One Box 07. Celeste 08. Trop Pres De Toi (97' Interlude) 09. Hold On 10. Transmission 11. In Our Country Pampa Records will release Well Spent Youth on January 21st, 2011.