Juju & Jordash play live score for silent horror film

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    Thu, 4 Nov 2010, 14:00
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  • The Dekmantel duo will play along to Der Golem as part of the Glorious Basterds series at Filmhuis Cavia.
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  • Later this month, DJ and production duo Juju & Jordash will play a live musical score at Amsterdam's Filmhuis Cavia as part of the Glorious Basterds film series. Taking place on the last Sunday of every month, Glorious Basterds aims to "re-raise, in a funky attitude, the eternal question of Judaism, that is, what is the Jew?" It does this by screening obscure films which "verge on the bizarre" and in some way explore Jewish identity. For their contribution to the series, Juju & Jordash will play along to Der Golem, a silent horror film from the 1920's whose story goes something like this: a rabbi makes a golem out of clay to protect the Jews of Prague from persecution, only to have the golem rebel, set fire to the ghetto and generally wreak deadly havoc until a little girl stops him by removing a five-pointed amulet from his chest. The formerly Tel Aviv-based duo will be joined at the performance by lya Ziblat Shay, a composer and bass-player from the Hague. "We will be improvising on some pre-composed political themes we are working on," says Jordan Czamanski, AKA Jordash. "The music will consist of industrial soundscapes, analog effects, synthesizer sequences, guitar feedbacks, processed electric-bass and psychedelic ambient." Juju & Jordash hope to take their film-enhanced show on the road to festivals following the screening in Amsterdam. To get an idea of what the performance holds in store, check out the teaser trailer below, featuring music from one of the duo's recent rehearsals: