Joachim Spieth compiles Selected 6

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    Fri, 29 Oct 2010, 14:00
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  • The Stuttgart-based artist showcases his Affin label on a new collection, due for release in December.
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  • This December, Joachim Spieth will release Selected 6, the latest compilation of tunes from his Affin imprint. Spieth first made a name for himself back in the late '90s with Abi 99, one of Kompakt's early 12-inches. He continued producing minimal and left-field tracks for much of the following decade, then in 2008 launched Affin, a label that has since put out more than than 20 digital releases by artists from all reaches of the globe. Now in its third edition, the Selected series shows Spieth collecting personal favorites from his own stable. The latest edition gives a comprehensive look at the imprint's output over the past year, with tunes by the likes of Australian artist Nil By Mouth, Romanian producer Dirty Culture and Spieth's own remix of Deepchild's "Glitches Ain't Ship." Tracklist 01. Nil By Mouth - Clavicle 02. Alessio Mereu - The Queen Of Hearts 03. Little Fritter - Googy Banter 04. Deepchild - Glitches Ain’t Ship (Joachim Spieth Remix) 05. Tom Pooks - Head Phone (Marco Dassi Dusty Remix) 06. Chemie - Entropy 07. Ian Kran - Cracked 08. CJM - Self 09. Alex James - All I See In Me 10. YokoO - Monologue 11. YokoO - No Recollection (Dirty Culture Remix) 12. BCR Boys - Raus 13. Tom Pooks, Laurent Pepper - Patuning 14. Marc Miroir, Joachim Spieth - Last Exit (Bjoern Stolpmann Remix) 15. Dirty Culture - Contract 16. Sean Danke - Fever 17. Jamal Moulay - Dust Affin will release Selected 6 on December 4th, 2010.