Andrew Grant begins two new labels

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    Wed, 20 Oct 2010, 09:50
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  • EDEC Music Outlet will cater to the dance floor; Blau Motif home listening.
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  • Barraca Music's Andrew Grant has announced details of two new imprints that will draw on the label's established pool of talent. Grant is most readily recognized as a longstanding resident of Circoloco's Ibiza shenanigans. He's also been at the helm of Valencia's Barraca Music since it started out at the end of 2008 and contributed the Tre Pro Quimby EP to the imprint earlier this year, which followed on from his re-rub of Los Updates and Ricardo Villalobos' "Bank Brotherhood." EDEC Music Outlet and Blau Motif will be pursuing dance floor and broad home listening agendas respectively, and will be nourished by material from Barraca's existing roster of producers as well unknown artists. We caught up with Grant via email to gain a better insight into his two imprint offerings.
    Who or what gave you the inspiration to start your own labels? I have been running Barraca Music with Jamie Fry the last two years. He has been a huge part in the success of the label. Without him we (Barraca Music) would never have been in such a good position in less then two years. From this success I have inspiration to get more quality music out from many of the same artists like Karm, Dana Ruh & Matteo Milleri to name a few. Can you tell us a little bit more about the first lot of releases on each label? EDEC will have black and white designs with the first EPs EDC001/002 as myself. We also have some close friends and family after that, the label motto is "For Like Minded People," based more on injecting or dance floor oriented music. Blau Motif will be based on the color blue, spanning several genres ranging from deep loungey house, downtempo, leftfield, chill or ambient. We have the first reference Time Heals Wounds available now and next up will be a V/A with Franklin De Costa as Mudkid, Julian Lentz and myself. Will the labels be digital-only, or will you be issuing vinyl too? EDEC is vinyl. I am still a romantic at heart and I come from playing vinyl, so it means a lot to me. Blau Motif will mainly consist of digital releases with some special limited blue colored vinyls. Have you been working on any of your own productions of late? Yes I have the next [release on] Connect Four Records, Olas Em La Chuy, with two Brothers Vibe remixes due soon. Little Helpers 9 came out in September, and a remix for Deepayk Sharma on Hidden Recordings is coming as well remix for Flumo & Fade Records.