Peverelist checks into Unit

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    Fri, 8 Oct 2010, 13:29
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  • The Punch Drunk boss is lined up to headline the Tokyo nightspot later this month.
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  • Bristol's Peverelist will headline Ubik Version at Unit on Saturday, October 23rd. Tom Ford, AKA Peverelist, is one of the key figures in Bristol's bass music scene for a number of good reasons. His productions, such as last year's Jarvik Mindstate LP, have trodden down a path for explorers of dubstep and techno's murky middle ground, while his former position as manager of the city's Rooted Records—the city's last remaining store of its kind—positioned him centrally in Bristol's still burgeoning bass music movement. He's also the boss of Punch Drunk, one of the foremost purveyors of the genre on a label level. The imprint has given a home to the likes of Gemmy, Guido, Pinch, Shortstuff and Hyetal since its inception back in 2006, in addition to a string of reliably strong offerings from Ford himself. His DJ set at Unit on October 23rd will be supported in the main room by Jah-Light Soundsystem and Mantis, who plays live. The Saloon, meanwhile, will be looked after by Yoshiki, DJ Sodeyama, Yoshida & Miya, and Naoki Shinohara.