Einzelkind and Christian Burkhardt prep Revolver

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    Thu, 16 Sep 2010, 16:00
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  • The German production team are set to release a new LP on a new label, JAX.
  • Einzelkind and Christian Burkhardt prep Revolver image
  • German duo Einzelkind have teamed up with tech house artist Christian Burkhardt for a new album called Revolver, slated for release next month. Despite having never officially collaborated, Einzelkind and Burkhardt make natural bedfellows: both specialize in punchy and organic-sounding tech house, with the former often appearing on Kindisch and the latter a staple of Oslo Records. Einzelkind are also responsible for the mysterious La Pena imprint, which puts out several rough-edged house records each year by various anonymous artists (including Burkhardt). Revolver will be the first full-length by any of the artists involved, and will consist entirely of new material. It will be the first release on JAX, Einzelkind's new boutique imprint. Tracklist 01. Maschine 02. Yeah! 03. Smashid 04. Gentleleg 05. Dancer 06. Cooper 07. Scorpio 08. The Lick JAX will release Revolver on October 17th, 2010.