Global Communication reunites at ADE

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    Mon, Sep 6, 2010, 15:00
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  • Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard will perform together for the first time in over a decade next month.
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  • Following a hiatus of nearly 15 years, UK-based production duo Global Communication will reunite for a gig at the SCI+TEC showcase during Amsterdam Dance Event next month. Made up of producers Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard, Global Communication released a string of influential deep house and down tempo between 1992 and 1997, most notably 12-inches like The Way / The Deep and their debut album, 76:14, which is widely considered one of ambient music's classics. Following the release of their single The Groove, Middleton and Pritchard began focusing on other projects; the former started putting out records mostly under his own name, while the latter donned a variety of monikers such as Link, Troubleman and Harmonic 313. In 2005, the duo collaborated on Fabric 26, but as Middleton was in London and Pritchard was in Sydney at the time, the duo were never physically together during the recording process. Global Communication will appear twice at the party during ADE next month, first for an ambient set in AIR's main room and later in the second room for a more eclectic DJ set. "We can tell you this," say Middleton and Pritchard, "We will span many genres and eras, and explore our inspirations from early '90s techno, house, ambient and electronica right up to the cutting edge of modern production." Other DJs on the bill for that night include Dubfire and an unnamed "very special guest." The return of Global Communication is not limited to ADE: Middleton and Pritchard say they will play a series of live shows in 2011, and plan to begin producing new music together as well.