Naughty-Call sets sail with Brendon Moeller

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    Wed, 8 Sep 2010, 17:00
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  • Fred P and Connie have also been billed for the river cruise next weekend.
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  • The B.O.S.S. Promotions 'Naughty-Call' boat party will launch in New York next Saturday, with South African expat Brendon Moeller at the helm. Taking place on board The Paddle Wheel Queen, the four-hour cruise will depart from the SkyPort Marina at 7pm, with two of its floors set aside for dancers led by a trio of local New York DJs. Moeller will be joined by Soul People Music's deep house aficionado Fred P, and the tougher techno stylings of Resolute resident Connie. Craig Mitchell, a.k.a. oLIVERtWISTED of the Boston club Rise will round off the bill, along with DJ Haitian and Logo of Vermont's 2K Deep Crew. The Paddle Queen will return to shore at 11pm, at which point the party will move over to The Sullivan Room. Tickets for The Naughty-Call Boat Party are available here on RA.