Jeff Mills spots Something In The Sky

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    Wed, Jun 16, 2010, 16:20
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  • The Midwest's favourite futurist is to unveil yet another special audiovisual project about extraterrestrial sightings.
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  • Jeff Mills touches down in the Motor City this Saturday for a new show exploring the relationship between us on earth, and them out there. The legendary dance music veteran has long pushed the connection between Detroit techno and all things science-based, fiction or otherwise. In order to push the creative boundaries forward in his live shows as well as in his productions, he's been quick to integrate new technologies and emphasize the conceptual nature of his work. Mills recently finished up a trilogy of albums, with the Sleeper Wakes which saw him return to Japan after a four year hiatus when he was supposedly traveling through outer space making contact with new worlds after the second album One Man Spaceship. This new show at 10 Critics promises a collage of footage including interviews with world leaders, abductees and reports of encounters of all three kinds from around the world. This is supposed to "make others consider the possibilities of what the consistent and sometimes intriguing eyewitness accounts of the activities of intelligent life could do to our psychological state and belief systems." Adding to the one-of-a-kind nature of the evening, UR man Mike Banks will perform and compose "a special introduction" for Mills. It will be the first time they've performed together in nearly three years.