Weatherall launches A Love From Outer Space

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    Thu, 13 May 2010, 15:05
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  • Lord Sabre will be teaming up with longtime friend and accomplice Sean Johnston for a new monthly residency in London.
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  • Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston will launch their new monthly residency at The Drop on Thursday 20th May. Taking its title from an A.R. Kane's track of the same name, A Love From Outer Space will see Weatherall and Johnston command the controls for the entire night at the relatively new Stoke Newington club every third Thursday of the month. Set in the basement of the Three Crowns pub on Stoke Newington High Street, the capacity is a cosy 140, but we're informed that the sound system is more than up to scratch for a venue of its size. Weatherall fans expecting him to be boshing in the vein of his club gigs may be interested to hear that the duo have decided to plump for a more esoteric vibe at the party, with dub, proto-house, post-punk, Krautrock, disco, rock'n'roll and other electronic oddities all set to feature. Johnston has recently been enjoying releases on Luna Flicks and the Beard Science edit label, and we caught up with him recently to ask what he and Andrew have in store for the night.
    How did you and Andrew first cross paths? I'd always been a fan of his unique approach as a young lad, and initially I think we were united by a reverence for Adrian Sherwood's production. We'd DJed together a couple of times but I think it was Jeff Barrett of Heavenly Records that properly introduced us. Later Andrew signed one of my earlier projects (Flash Faction) to his Sabres of Paradise label and we've been mates ever since. How come you decided to do things at The Drop? We'd been talking very loosely about doing something together since we did the launch party for his Watch The Ride mix CD at East Village. We wanted a venue with a good sound system and a nice low-key vibe that was a bit off the beaten track, and The Drop came up at just the right time. What can we expect from the night, musically speaking? I think it would be fairly safe to say that you can expect the unexpected... Psyche-Disco was the most appropriate description we could concoct... It's likely to be low-slung and sleazy. Will this be in the context of the dance floor, or more of a casual vibe? It's always going to be about the dance floor, but I think the first couple of hours could throw up some items of "casual" musical interest. Andrew and I both acquire so much interesting music that we never get the chance to play during the normal Friday/Saturday night club context so it will be a chance to air some more unusual pieces. Can we expect any more Hardway Bros productions or edits over the course of this year? We've been really busy for the last few months–expect new Hardway Bros material on Mighty Robot subsidiary Robot Spares, a remix of Hawke/Gavin Hardkiss' early-90's SF classic "Pacific Coastal Highway #1," and some edits for the Beard Science grand finale LP Listen With Mother. Are any co-productions on the cards with yourself and Andrew in the near future? We have recently turned in a pretty anthemic remix of "Walk Of Shame" from Andrew's album A Pox on The Pioneers, which should see people off home nicely over the summer festival season.