Greie Gut Fraktion visit the Baustelle

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  • A new album by Gudrun Gut and AGF explores the sultry sounds of a construction site.
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  • Early this summer, Monika Enterprise will release a collaborative full-length by Greie Gut Fraktion, AKA AGF (Antye Greie) and Berlin experimental veteran Gudrun Gut. Entitled Baustelle, the album is made up primarily of field recordings from construction sites. The idea for the album was originally conceived in 2008, when the two artists worked together on a commission for the BBC program Late Junction. Greie and Gut's talents were predictably compatible: the former is an "electronic poet" who has previously worked with Ellen Allien and Vladislav Delay, while the latter is a longtime staple of Berlin's experimental scene, whose credentials include membership in the original lineup of Einsturzende Neubauten. After recording hours of chainsaws, pneumatic hammers and the like, Greie and Gut finished the album over the course of 2009, working separately at their home studios in Finland and Berlin respectively. The duo spent months sculpting their source material into something more musical, as well as adding vocals, beats and guitar sounds, and eventually arrived at what the label describes as "post-kraut-dub-industrial-techno." For more info on the project, check out the duo's official website. The album will be preceded by a single, Wir bauen eine neue Stadt ("We're building a new city"), a loose cover of the early '80s track by Palais Schaumberg (a band whose lineup included Moritz von Oswald and Thomas Fehlmann among others). Slated for release on May 21st, the record will come complete with remixes by Alva Noto and Wolfgang Voigt. Tracklist 01. Cutting Trees 02. Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt 03. Drilling An Ocean 04. Miscmaschine 05. Make It Work 06. Betongiessen 07. Grossgrundbesitzer 08. Baustein 09. Chine Memories 10. White Oak 11. We Matter Monika Enterprise will release Baustelle on June 11th, 2010.