HFB foresee Hell, Fire and Brimstone

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    Mon, Apr 12, 2010, 11:00
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  • Dr Alex Paterson's newest duo will release its debut album this summer.
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  • Electronic duo High Frequency Bandwidth are set to release their debut full-length, Hell Fire and Brimstone, on the British label Malicious Damage. HFB is the most recent project of Dr Alex Paterson, the brain behind the The Orb and all around electronic music guru. The duo's other half is Dom Beken, a jack of all trades whose credentials include studio work for David Bowie and music production for everything from TV commercials to Bollywood Films. HFB have so far released several tracks digitally, and produced the score for the Playstation 3 game PixelJunk Shooter, which recently earned them a BAFTA nomination. On Hell Fire and Brimstone, Beken and Paterson continue to blend electronic beats and elements of hip-hop, with guest appearances by Funky DL and Dynamax of Zulu Nation. In keeping with their weird titular motif, all tracks on the new record begin with the letters H, F and B, along with almost everything else in the duo's catalog so far. In addition to Hell Fire and Brimstone, Malicious Damage is also releasing HFB's first three EPs, all of which are untitled. EP 1 hits stores today, and the other two are slated for release later this month and in May. Tracklist 01. Hundred Forty Billion feat. Dynamax 02. HeptaFleuroButryl feat. Funky DL 03. How Far Back? 04. Harmless Feather Bed feat. Dynamax 05. Hallo From Berlin 06. Hot From Behind 07. Happiness Feels Brilliant 08. Hill Film Blues feat. Dynamax 09. Hey, Fizzy Bubbles! 10. Hell Fire and Brimstone 11. Hidden Foto Banks 12. Holes for Black 13. Harmonic Five (Beatless) 14. Hitchcock's First Bugle 15. Hitchcock's First Blunder 16. High Five Brother 17. Huge Fiery Ball Malicious Damage will release High Frequency Bandwidth's Hell Fire and Brimstone on July 12th, 2010.