Silicone Soul collects more Darkroom Dubs

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    Thu, 4 Mar 2010, 12:00
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  • The British duo mix up tracks from their own label on the new compilation, due for release next month.
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  • Silicone Soul have mixed the second edition of Darkroom Dubs, a compilation of tracks from their record label of the same name. The British DJ and production duo founded the imprint in 2003 as a platform for their own releases and those by like-minded artists, such as Martinez, Anthony Collins, Mirror Music and The Spirals. On Darkroom Dubs Vol. 2, Silicone Soul showcase 19 of their imprint's forthcoming tracks, including tunes by Extrawelt, Sei A and Marc Poppcke, plus new remixes by Masomenos and Prompt. Unmixed versions of the tracks will be available later this year on limited edition vinyl and in a "digital bundle" accompanying the mix. Tracklist 01. Mirror Music - Diabolus in Musica 02. Extrawelt - Tonladen 03. Klartraum - Egosimeadeux/ Ilnorance 04. Martinez - Monday Morning 05. Sei A - Dub For 06. Sei A - My Era 07. Silicone Soul - Dust Ballad II (Masomenos Remix) 08. Silicone Soul - David Vincent's Blues (Prompt Remix) 09. Silicone Soul - Language of the Soul (Nivek Tsoy Remix) 10. Jet Project - Time Flies 11. Timid Boy - Bop bap 12. Marc Poppcke - Freaks 13. Liapin - Mandan 14. Feygin - Chisel 15. Jairo Catelo - Black Soul Heroes 16. Craig Torrance & Philip Hochstrate - Surgery Succesful (Boris Werner's Wipwap Remix) 17. Jet Project - Heads in the Clouds feat. Sei A (Silicone Soul's Darkroom Dub) 18. Silicone Soul - The Hikihikishake 19. Silicone Soul - Fearmakers (DJ tool) Silicone Soul will release Darkroom Dubs Vol. 2 on April 26th, 2010.
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