Trentemoller goes Into the Great Wide Yonder

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    Mon, Apr 5, 2010, 09:10
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  • The Danish producer has announced further details concerning his second album.
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  • Danish producer Trentemoller has revealed more details about his forthcoming album, Into the Great Wide Yonder. The full-length will be released on June 7th, and will come out via his own In My Room imprint. Composed of ten tracks, the record sees Trentemoller experimenting with "more organic and analog" textures, in contrast to the "crisp, digital sheen" that made him famous on his debut, The Last Resort. Reportedly including instruments like bass mandolin, theremin and a music box, Trentemoller nonetheless admits that computers were utilized at some point in the process. "I recorded most of the album in my computer, but in the final stages I transferred all the parts to analog tape through a lot of vintage EQ's and pre-amps. The tape saturation and the analog outboard really helped getting the warm sound that I was after." Solveig Sandnes, Josephine Philip and Guillemots singer Fyfe Dangerfield all feature. A single, "Sycamore Feeling," will precede the album; for a teaser of the results, the official video is below. Tracklist 01. The Mash and the Fury 02. Sycamore Feeling 03. Past the Beginning of the End 04. Shades of Marble 05. ...Even Though You're With Another Girl 06. Haxan 07. Metamorphis 08. Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! 09. Neverglade 10. Tide Trentemoller will release Into the Great Wide Yonder on In My Room on June 7, 2010.