Roman Flügel mixes Live at Robert Johnson

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  • The Alter Ego member will helm the Frankfurt venue's next mix CD.
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  • Prolific DJ and producer Roman Flügel will mix the next edition of Live at Robert Johnson, the Frankfurt nightclub's acclaimed mix series. Flügel has been an active DJ and producer since the mid-'90s, and has amassed an impressive body of work under a wide variety of monikers. In addition to Alter Ego, his famous duo with Jörn Elling Wuttke, he's produced dozens of records under names like Acid Test, Eight Miles High, Roman III, Roman IV and Soylent Green. As a Frankfurt native, Flügel has played at Robert Johnson countless times over the past decade, and says the club helped shape his style as a DJ and producer, especially on tracks like "Rocker" and "Geht's Noch?" "To have the chance to play at this place for 11 years now is definitely one of the most important things that has happened in my musical career," says Flügel. "I remember the very early days when people in their 50's turned up and thought the Robert Johnson must be a venue for Blues music lovers." Live at Robert Johnson will be Flügel's first solo mix CD. It does a nice job of portraying Flügel's knack for diverse DJ sets, mixing up flamboyant gems like Armando's "Don't Take It" with stonefaced techno tunes like Ben Klock's "Before One." The CD also includes two of Flugel's forthcoming tracks, "N.M.I.S.M.D." and "Brian Le Bon," both of which will be released together this spring on an EP accompanying the mix. Originally conceived as a four-part series, Live at Robert Johnson kicked off last January with a mix by Chloé, released in an extravagant box-set complete with empty slots for the next three mixes. Since then, the series has featured mixes by Ivan Smagghe, Prins Thomas and Thomas Hammann with Gerd Janson. Following Flügel's contribution, Live At Robert Johnson will charge ahead with mixes by Dixon, Ata and Arto Mwambé. Tracklist 01. Freund Der Familie - Pewars 02. Itzone - Azul Magico 03. Roman Flügel - N.M.I.S.M.D. 04. Armando feat. Sharvette - Don't Take It (Thomos Edit) 05. Molex - Kick C 06. Ink and Needle - Five 07. Ben Klock - Before One (Original Mix) 08. Nail - Optimus 09. Idioma - Landscapes 10. Forevereaction - U People (Dance Mix) 11. Maetrik - Show Me 12. Soylent Green - Humpty Acid 13. Ratsnake - Swedish Woman 14. Soulphiction - Rise 15. Roman Flügel - Brian Le Bon Live at Robert Johnson will release Roman Flugel's Live at Robert Johnson on May 10th, 2010.