Fluxion gets Perfused

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    Fri, 29 Jan 2010, 09:00
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  • The dub techno veteran will release his fifth album this March on Echocord.
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  • Dub techno artist Fluxion will release his next album, Perfused, this March on Echocord. The Greek producer has been making tracks since 1998, with over a dozen releases on Chain Reaction, Resopal Schallware and his own label, Vibrant Music. He fell silent for a while in the middle of the last decade, then bounced back in 2009 with two EPs and a full-length album, Constant Limber, which will have preceded his new one by only six months. We caught up with Fluxion via email to to ask him a few questions about the new album.
    How did you choose Perfused as a title? I am always trying to express at least with an album title, how I perceive my way of making music and producing and what it reflects. My music had always the "melting," "flowing" aesthetic. I tend to create sounds that in the course of a track, never exactly repeat themselves. So the title Perfused describes this liquid state, in which I create streams of sounds, moving in time and space, and capturing this live feed. You released three records in 2009, including a full-length album, Constant Limber. What has made you so productive lately? Well to be honest, I haven't stopped making music. There is a big volume of recordings I've made between 2002-2007, which I am considering and selecting for a Vibrant Forms 3 release. I just needed some time off, from discography. I am trying not to release for the sake of releasing. I am trying to release because I have something new to offer. Something I really want to share... The other reason is that I felt in 2009, a strong impulse to release, due to this downfall of the music industry. I want to be a part of the optimism in the music/artist community. If it's a good release, it will prevail, will stand out. Not only because there is a name behind the release. I felt more, in a way, that whoever produces good music today, offering a new perspective, is doing it primarily for the love in what they do. It's more pure, and it shows. What's next for Fluxion? After Perfused, it's two vinyl releases (the first with a Deadbeat remix and the second with Rod Modell remix), there is a remix I did on "Soul Is Back" from Soul Designer (Fabrice Lig). It will be out in May on vinyl/digital from Third Ear. It will include remixes by Luke Slater, Marco Passarani, Fluxion, UR Timeline (Mike Banks and Jon Dixon). So I am looking forward to this as well. After those releases, I'm also selecting material possibly for a new Vibrant Forms album.
    Tracklist 01. Horizons 02. Waves 03. Tantalizer 04. Inflection 05. Wabbler 06. Elation 07. Fluctuations 08. Inductance 09. Perfuse Echocord will release Perfused this March.