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    Tue, 26 Jan 2010, 12:46
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  • Function and Regis will join forces to take the top spot at next month's edition of the London club night.
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  • Sandwell District will venture to London for a headlining performance at Corsica Studios early next month. Following the release of a collaborative remix of Ben Klock on Ostgut Ton last year, Regis and Function have now come together to offer a joint Sandwell District live show, which first graced the UK last July for Balance's party at Cable. Combining live and DJ elements to merge together tracks from the label's back catalogue as well as exclusive edits and vintage techno cuts, the pair's raw, stark and minimalist take on the genre will no doubt resonate with the techno heads populating Corsica's main room. Forward Strategy Group will also being their heads-down sound to the live arena, while the second room collects an innovative group of producers acting within the dubstep sphere. Bristol's Peverelist will be headlining the second room in the wake of the critical acclaim showered upon his 2009 debut album, while TRG balances out Peverelist's more sleek and technoid style with his forward-thinking take on 2-step. The Village Orchestra will offer a more mixed up performance, and Subeena will make a return to Plex with a refined version of her house and dubstep hybrid. Tickets for Plex's bash at Corsica Studios are now available to purchase directly from RA Tickets.