Deepgroove and Jamie Anderson prep 13Machines

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    Tue, 3 Nov 2009, 15:00
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  • Lee Pattison and Grayson Shipley will team up with fellow Bristol-based producer Jamie Anderson for a full-length on Harthouse.
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  • Deepgroove and Jamie Anderson will reprise their production partnership on an album due for release later this year. Anderson is a stalwart in the house and techno scene, starting up his own Artform imprint in the late '90s, before going on to release tracks for labels such as NRK, International Deejay Gigolo, Front Room and 100% Pure. Most of his production ventures of late have been alongside fellow Bristol duo Deepgroove, with the trio notching up singles on Rekids and Cocoon before signing up for an album with the relaunched Harthouse imprint (now named Harthouse Mannheim). 13Machines is their debut album together, and will feature eleven new tracks as well as two tracks from a previously released Harthouse single. Minimal house in various incarnations is the general theme of the record, with the trio exploring tribalism ("Sticks and Stones," "Voix"), bleepy electro-house ("Asylum," "Bugs") and dark techy sounds ("Screaming Trees," "In The Night Garden") throughout. Tracklist 01. Machine1 02. Freya 03. Asylum 04. Sticks and Stones 05. Screaming Trees 06. Airtight (Album Version) 07. Voix 08. Bugs 09. Psycho (Album Version) 10. Ping Pong 11. Meteorz 12. In The Night Garden 13. Red Skies Harthouse will release 13Machines in November 2009.
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