Robot Koch preps Death Star Droid

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    Fri, 9 Oct 2009, 12:49
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  • The man behind Jahcoozi's beats will release his debut solo album next month.
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  • Robot Koch is set to unveil his debut full-length in November. Real name Robert Koch, the producer already divides his time between multiple studio projects, creating post rock as The Tape and quirky electronic pop alongside Oren Gerlitz and Sasha Perera as Jahcoozi. Koch's robotic moniker sees him blur the boundaries between his other projects, taking the urban flavour of Jahcoozi even further into the realms of dubstep and off-kilter hip-hop, while retaining the use of live instrumentation and rich melodies. Koch is no stranger to the constantly evolving bass music genre, keeping his ear to the ground for new developments and even being asked to contribute a mix for Flying Lotus Brainfeeder project. However, he did include West African folk and odd jazz selections in the mix, and this unorthodox attitude translates over to Death Star Droid, which features strings, piano, flute and analogue synths atop his speaker-busting bass histrionics. Tracklist 01. Death Star Droid 02. Away From 03. Hard to Find 04. Love & the Machine 05. People are Strange ft. Grace 06. While ft. Manya 07. Heaven is my Real Estate 08. Memories 09. Gorom Sen 10. A Song Formerly Known As Tooth Robots Don't Sleep will release Death Star Droid on November 17th, 2009.