Trevor Loveys preps Body Jack

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    Tue, 6 Oct 2009, 14:41
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  • The prolific English producer will release a double-disc mix chronicling his wide range of musical styles later this month.
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  • Trevor Loveys is set to release his first ever commercial mix later this month. He may not be as well known has his frequent collaborators Dave Taylor or Herve, but there's no doubting that Loveys was one of the main forces to put the jacking style of house music now known as "fidget" on the map. However, that's just one of the strings to his bow, as he started off in the mid-'90s producing lush deep house tracks as House Of 909, taking plenty of inspiration from Chicago and Detroit sounds. With so many productions to choose from, Loveys decided to use the compilation to collect and mix his own productions, with a focus on his more recent material. "I didn't really want it to be all of the upfront tunes of the moment only to date in a few months, and I really wanted it to reflect me and my sound over the last few years, even going back to when me and Dave Taylor started Switch, through to my productions with Joshua Harvey as Speaker Junk, Jesse Rose as Izit and Chris Belsey as Li'l Bo Tweak," he informs us. The first disc concentrates on the cut-up maximalist house sound that he helped popularise, while CD2 is slightly more restrained. "I wanted to put together a bit more of the deeper side of my sound," Loveys explains. "I guess it's where it all began for me, growing up listening to Blaze, Chez Damier and Ron Trent." Tracklist CD1 1. Lil Bo Tweak - Pressin On 2. The Loungin Kollective - Riddim Come 4ward 3. Roisin Murphy - You Know Me Better (Trevor Loveys Remix) 4. Lil Bo Tweak - I Like It Raw 5. Trevor Loveys - Shake It 6. The Touch - Maxzimisation Nation (Trevor Loveys Remix) 7. Acid Kids - Mad Mahoney (Trevor Loveys Remix) 8. Chemical Brothers Featuring K-OS - Get Yourself High (Switch's Rely On Rub) 9. Trevor Loveys - Byrdy Beats 10. Evil 9 - They Live (Trevor Loveys Remix) 11. Kraak & Smaak feat. Ben Westbeech-Squeeze Me (Trevor Loveys Remix) 12. Trevor Loveys & Miss L - Twang 13. Lil Bo Tweak - Dub Be Good 14. Aquasky ft. The Ragga Twins - Give It Up (Trevor Loveys Vocal Mix) 15. Trevor Loveys & Affie Yusuf - Back To Beat 16. Don Diablo - To Cool For School (Trevor Loveys Remix) 17. Trevor Loveys - Organ Grinder (The Count's aka Hervé Big B Morgan Remix) 18. Jack Beats - U.F.O 19. Bloc Party - I Still Remember (Speaker Junk Bass Bin Remix) 20. Charlean Dance - Mr DJ (Speaker Junk's Tarantula Remix) CD2 01. Bent - Always (Trevor Loveys Remix) 02. Speaker Junk - TJ's Theme 03. Affie Yusuf - Track Dat Horn 04. Switch & Trevor Loveys - Get Your Dub On (Part 2) 05. Lil Bo Tweak - Jacko Bein Ruff 06. Trevor Loveys & Affie Yusuf - Fakers 07. Trevor Loveys & Jesse Rose - Chips & Curry 08. Trevor Loveys - Funny Biznizz 09. Lil Bo Tweak - Got That Bass 10. Trevor Loveys - Skoolin Tings 11. Alexander Robotnick - Obsession For The Disco (Lil Bo Tweak Remix) 12. City Reverb - City Of Lights (Trevor Loveys Dub Mix) 13. City Reverb - City Of Lights (Trevor Loveys House Dub Mix) 14. Lil Bo Tweak - K. Rizzle 15. Thunderheist - Nothin To Step To (Trevor Loveys Remix) 16. Machines Don’t Care - Beatbang (Trevor's Beatbang Dub) 17. Trevor Loveys - Good To Be Here 18. Trevor Loveys & Affie Yusuf - Travelling Man Music Response will release Trevor Lovey's Body Jack on October 12th, 2009.Switch
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