Luciano pays his Tribute To The Sun

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    Wed, Aug 12, 2009, 14:20
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  • The Cadenza boss will follow up 2004’s Blind Behaviour with a new studio album in October.
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  • Luciano is set to release his second studio album proper in October, entitled Tribute To The Sun. While the Cadenza boss has experimented with the full-length format a number of times in his career—most notably for his DJ tool record No Model No Tool and also his live album for Thomas Brinkmann's max.Ernst label—his forthcoming album will be seen as the official follow up to the woozy microhouse of the Peacefrog-released Blind Behaviour LP. Just as its predecessor was more of a home-listening album, Tribute To The Sun has been produced with a coherent listening experience in mind, with more of an emphasis on delicate melodies and rhythms than his usual club-friendly singles. The Switzerland-based Chilean has been working on the record on and off for the past four years, and has drafted in musicians from around the world to aid him with his electro-acoustic minimal house fusion. Martina Topley-Bird adds her smooth vocals to "Sun, Day and Night," Senegal's Ali Boulo Santo (who is the nephew of legendary "King of the Kora" Soundioulou Cissoko) adds his frenetic fingerwork to stomping album centrepiece "Africa Sweat," while Iranian percussionist Omri Hason (who is also part of Luciano's AEther live outfit) teams up with Swiss hang drum inventor Bruno Bieri for immersive upbuilder "Hang for Bruno." Elsewhere on the record, Luciano experiments with beatless field recording manipulation ("Pierre for Anni") and vocal sampling ("Los Ninos de Fuera" and "Celestial"), taking the listener from the light and joyous Latin vibes of the album's beginning through to the dark and skippy minimalism of closing tracks "Metodisma" and "Oenologue." Tribute to the Sun may only contain ten tracks, but Luciano has made sure to make the most of the CD format's limitations, utilising the entire 80 minutes of the disc. Tracklist 01. Los Ninos de Fuera 02. Celestial (feat. Liberty by Keren Ann) 03. Sun, Day and Night (feat. Martina Topley-Bird) 04. Conspirer 05. Hang For Bruno (feat. Bruno Bieri & Omri Hason) 06. Fran Left Home 07. Africa Sweat (feat. Ali Boulo Santo) 08. Pierre For Anni 09. Metodisma 10. Oenologue Cadenza will release Tribute To The Sun on October 12th, 2009.