Jisco folds, Under The Shade lives

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    Mon, 22 Jun 2009, 17:40
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  • Mark E will be among the producers releasing original music on the new imprint from one of Jisco's founders.
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  • Jisco Music will soon follow along with Wurst and ditch edits in favour of original productions. David Griffiths, the man behind the label, has announced the formation of a new imprint, Under The Shade, which will focus in on deep house and disco-inclined tunes from many of the same artists that produced or DJed tunes from Jisco. Slow disco man Mark E, DFA sensation Walter Jones and Ilija Rudman will be among the first to put out work on the label, with remixes coming from the likes of Toby Tobias and Arto Mwambe. The first release, though, will feature Chamboché with remixes from The Revenge and Pete Herbert. It is due out in late July.