Bruno Pronsato debuts new label

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    Fri, Mar 13, 2009, 14:00
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  • The producer's thesongsays imprint will open for business in April.
  • Bruno Pronsato debuts new label image
  • Bruno Pronsato has announced the arrival of yet another imprint to the world, his own. The producer is calling it thesongsays and he says that the label will be solely for his own productions at the moment. (He also promises to continue to release solo material through Hello Repeat and via Perlon for his Half Hawaii project with Sammy Dee.) The initial release for thesongsays, though, promises to be a special one. It comes from the same era that produced his late 2007 full-length Why Can't We Be Like Us and is a 38 minute behemoth called "The Make Up The Break Up." The vinyl edition of the release will contain an edit that is a mere fraction of that time, but Pronsato feels your pain, so he's sweetened the deal by commissioning a remix from Isolée. Expect the package to hopefully see the light of day sometime in April.