Valve launch Warehouse Project

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    Mon, 9 Mar 2009, 14:30
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  • 2000 & One, Lauhaus and Frank Tope will all play at the launch party in London this Saturday.
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  • Valve Music are set to start up the capital's very own warehouse project this Saturday. Bar Rumba's former musical director James Manero is behind the venture, and is keen to stress the spirit of the 600 capacity parties. "For years clubs have been slowly becoming more and more corporate in their approach to clubbing, which is natural, as ultimately the scene has developed from being about a load of kids getting off to music, to being a true business," he explains. "But at the same time, maybe some of the original passion and vibe that came with the underground nature of these parties has been lost. The Valve Warehouse Project is an attempt to get back some of that original underground spirit for which London used to be so famous for." Simon Morell's DDD night have been charged with hosting the main room of South East London's Jacks Club, and have come up with a bill of slick European tech-house that features 2000 and One, Lauhaus and Craig Torrance alongside Morell himself. Manero has expressed a desire to keep the parties musically diverse, however, and has enlisted Rooty co-founder Frank Tope to mix up house and disco tracks from his gargantuan record collection in the second room. Tickets are available directly through RA here.