Black Dice prep Repo

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    Wed, 21 Jan 2009, 10:10
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  • The experimental trio will release their fifth official full-length in April.
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  • Experimental Brooklyn trio Black Dice have announced the imminent release of their fifth official full-length. Entitled Repo, the record sees the former DFA act going in a slightly accessible direction. We think. Described in the press release as having cultivated a "new roadhouse blues-band philosophy" and having a collection of "concise" songs to show it off, you'd be forgiven for thinking that these tunes will be a kinder and gentler Black Dice. In the same breath, however, we get "sonically battering" and "flat-out bizarre," which for a band that started their career off with a host of legendarily confrontational noise performances before unleashing an almost soothing dub-inspired collection of droning noise rock on their breakthrough album, Beaches and Canyons, is saying quite a bit. Whatever the result, fans of acts like Gang Gang Dance and Fuck Buttons will get their fix come April, once the record is released on Paw Tracks. Tracklist 01. Night Cream 02. Glazin 03. Earnings Plus Interest 04. Whirligig 05. La Cucaracha 06. Idiots Pasture 07. Lazy 08. Buddy 09. Inches 10. Vegetable 11. Urban Super Mist 12. Ultra Vomit 13. Gag Shack Paw Tracks will release Repo on April 7, 2009.