Tiesto involved in DJ Hero...or is he?

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    Fri, 12 Dec 2008, 21:45
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  • The trance man announced that he was involved in the new videogame, a statement quickly denied by his US label.
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  • One of DJMag's favorite jocks, Tiesto, has announced that he is currently working with Activision on an electronic music-centric version of Guitar Hero. Aptly titled DJ Hero, the game has not officially been announced by Activision, but is rumored by many publications to "contain a turntable controller and support Guitar Hero controllers as well." In his recent newsletter to fans, Tiesto was quoted as saying, "I am very excited about this! I think this is a great way to introduce people into DJing. Maybe they realize it’s not as easy as they think. I am sure this brings new fans to the scene, dance music is not far from hip-hop for example. Hopefully the music I have composed appeals to all kinds of fans!" In a strange reversal, however, a Billboard story later that day quotes a spokesperson from Tiesto's US label, Ultra, as saying that "the statement is not from Tiesto or his management, and although Tiesto has been in talks with Activision about the game, nothing has been finalized." (Strange that someone would be using the first person in Tiesto's newsletter, but we'll take their word for it.) Either way, we're guessing we'll hear much more about the game very soon—and crossing our fingers that Ricardo Villalobos tracks are included in the "expert section" so that amateur mixers can see what they're really made of.