Marionnettes Records



  • Blend of music, art and theater. Depending on the period of history and the dominant cultures in all times and in every country, the representations of puppets have had different meanings. Our intent is to wake, attract and to have people perceive, through a great show of sounds and elegant rhythms. Marionnettes born from the need for a continuous research of musical expression and evolution, giving free space to creativity in all its artistic forms. We welcome you all in our world, the story is about to begin... “.. finally came the evening of the first show, the long-awaited debut. The puppets were ready on stage, anxious , watchful eyes, already vibrating images. The lights in the hall slowly go down, the murmuring of the people calms down. In the silence, we perceive only the rustle of the curtain on the move and then it opens. On stage!.. let the dances begin...”


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