Dockside Records



  • We are a record label called Dockside Records, 100% vinyl, created in October 2011 and based in Argenteuil, in the Parisian suburb. [email protected] release DSR 0.5 Norm Talley "The Paradise Valley Project " played by: Zip, Kai Alcé, Efdemin, Moomin, Doc Martin, Rick Wade, Cabanne, Kevin Griffiths, Brendan Clark, Nothern Purpose, Dan Bell… DSR 001 Norm Talley "The East Village EP " played by: Scott Groove, Le Loup, Session Victim,Scott Fergusson, Thomas Stieler, RVDS,Janina, Johannes Albert, Rising Sun, Kastill, Carola Pisaturo… DSR 002 Rick Wade "Two The Hard Way " played by: Mike Huckaby, Dwayne Jensen, Norm Talley, Hold Youth, Djul’z, Dj Ray Bones, House Gallery Detroit, Joe-Babylon Marougi, Hizou Music… DSR 003 Dwayne Jensen "Night Vision EP " played by: Franco Cinelli, Luke Solomon, Ernie, Stephan Hoellerman, Owain, Cris Wood, Fulbert, Kai Alcé… DSR 004 Gari Romalis "The Last Man Standing EP" played by Tini, Makaam,Fulbert, Fabio Della Torre, Ney Faustini, Norm Talley, Cloud Master Weed, Rawmance,Logea... DSR 005 Blaktony " The Caddy Soul Ep" played by Anthony Shake Shakir ,Terrence Dixon, Andy Vaz, Walt J, Niko Marks, Trevor Deep Junior, Hizou Music, Fulbert, Claus Bachor, Arthur Jnr, Deymare, Ugly Drums, Mike Sharon.. DSR 006 Gari Romalis " The Soundvisionary EP" played by Tini,Santiago Salazar, Owen Jay , Kid Circus, Satore Hizou, Ney Faustini, Bastien Carrara, Fulbert, Tobias Gullberg, Ale Reis, DSR 007 K HAND DO IT AGAIN EP


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